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London is blessed with such a variety of buildings - old and new, traditional and modern - that the skill in the design and details obscures how much they depended - and still depend - on timber.

A particular historic splendour is expressed in wooden floors, in numerous examples going back to the Tower of London, progressing to Kenwood House, and not forgetting the glorious interiors of the City of London churches. 

Pubs, shops and restaurants with o
ld floors retain their special ambience. Yet humbler buildings from converted warehouses to Victorian terraces also have wooden floors.  And fortunate they are, too. Wood is still unrivalled for durability and natural beauty - and wooden floors remain an asset to both homes and commercial properties.They are easy to maintain, 

easy to keep clean - and, with dust mites having nowhere to hide, are far more hygienic than artificial floor coverings.

If your floors have become neglected, damaged and worn by years of unforgiving feet - or even lie choked under carpets, now is the time to liberate them. Wood floor sanding is a tried and trusted technique that can restore the saddest floor to a glorious future. So call on experienced floor sanding professionals. London Floor Sanding provides a comprehensive wooden floor repair service throughout inner and Greater London.

Delay no more with your solid or engineered wooden floor restoration. We’re only a phone call or email away.


What is wood floor sanding?


Floor sanding is not a complex task, but you will still want to hire a reliable firm with a clear understanding of how sanding affects the final surface finish. 

The floor restoration process involves the careful removal of old sealant and repair of any damaged surface to restore the beauty of the wood.  We can gently repair strip floors, woodblock, parquet boards or even cork…

The standard belt sanding process consists of three stages: a rough, medium and fine sand to strip, level, and smooth the boards or parquet blocks to leave a high quality finish. 

And the job needs to be thorough: we use the latest floor sanding technology to get right into the corners by using dustless edging sanders and fine Bosch tools for a complete and even sand.

Having restored all kinds of wooden floors for 20 years, we know all the inside secrets of the trade. Our staff members are trained to the high standards of the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) with a minimum of seven years’ experience in the floor renovation industry. 



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Concrete removal and restitching.
Fire Hearth Removal

Banish that ugly leftover concrete slab.  Let us remove redundant fire hearths and fill the space with matching floorboards or parquet blocks.



Decking sanding and sealing with decking oil.

Wooden Decking Renovation

Decking is vulnerable to weathering and can soon become dirty, scratched or sun damaged. Decks restoration is quick and straightforward.  We carefully sand the entire surface and remove the ugly layer of old, peeling wood fibres.

‘Like-new’ wood fibres emerge from just beneath the surface. Fresh anti slip decking oil or stain then creates a smart new finish.

Stair sanding, stripping and refinishing.

Stair Stripping, Sanding & Sealing

Stairs are often viewed as difficult to maintain.  No wonder they are neglected - or covered by carpeting or layers of paint for generations.  Stripping is hard work, but taking pains gives splendid results.

We strip and sand the entire tread and risers - and give them a clear natural or stained finish.  Or why not have the riser finished in white paint?  The tread is left in clear or stained sealant.  The result is a striking feature for any property.

We usually only treat these parts of the stairs and don't tackle banisters.

For the complete stair stripping service throughout M25 - contact us today!

Wood floor maintenance

Wooden Floor Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is a major advantage of a wooden floor.  A lacquered floor just requires regular sweeping and/or vacuuming to remove dirt and grit. 
Avoid revolving vacuum cleaner brushes and excess moisture.  A damp mop and a wooden floor cleaner, as recommended by the manufacturer, will do the job.  If appropriate, specialist products can be used to maintain
 the finish.

As the floor loses its lustre over time, refinish it with new coats of lacquer.  Simply give the original surface a light sanding down - and recoat.

Waxed and oiled wooden floors can undergo similar sweeping and mopping – to be then buffed to maintain their shine.  Wax, or a combination wax and liquid cleaner, may need a once or twice yearly application to keep the floor in optimal condition.  Apply wax evenly across the entire floor, leave to dry for 20 minutes - and buff to the desired finish.

For the complete professional service, contact us today
Commercial floor sanding
Commercial Floor Sanding & Renovation Services

From schools to museums; bars to restaurants; gyms to offices … Many commercial buildings benefit from a beautiful yet durable wooden floor.  It not only withstands high volumes of traffic - but enhances the overall ambience of a workplace or public space.  A freshly-restored wooden floor in a shop or eating place can encourage customers to enter, linger and return.

You will lose as little business as possible when you close while we work.  We aim to minimise disruption to your working day and will work around your particular demands. We work flexible hours and our craftsmen will renovate your floor outside of business hours - at evenings or weekends.
Some jobs are quite a challenge: the hairdressing chairs and dryers, not to mention the massage tables at Estee Lauder, all needed to be removed. The exposed floor was a sad sight: hair lacquer lacks the floor-friendly properties of wood lacquer.  And the wax used for hair removal could not be mistaken for hard wax oil.

So we needed to apply five coats of slip-resistant matt lacquer to the floor - not only for the heavy traffic but to resist the inevitable daily spills of chemicals.

This was an overnight job with five teams working over 12 hours, using air conditioning equipment for quick drying of each coat of lacquer.

The salon was open for business next day!


“After I had decided to rip up my old carpet and keep with the floorboards, I knew that their condition may not be the best. When the carpet was taken up, I couldn’t believe my eyes; the floorboards were in a shocking condition, especially on the stairs. I quickly realised that I couldn’t do the work myself, and so I contacted you. After being given a very reasonable quote, you renovated my floorboards and they now look as good as new! Before your team turned up, my floorboards were an ugly colour which didn’t look good whatsoever. When work had been completed, my floorboards looked like I wanted them to be. Long gone were the dark and unsightly stains which seemed to be apparent all over. Now, my floorboards look like they’re taken out of a furniture catalogue. I’m definitely passing on your details to my family and friends!”

Colin Cole, Hammersmith

“I wanted to contact you and let you know about how happy my family and I are about the quality of the work you did for us. Initially I did have a few concerns because a large proportion of my floor needed to be renovated and I was worried that it might take a very long time. However, your team's professionalism was such that we wouldn't even have known that your team were here. We have had building firms complete work for us before, and they didn't leave our home in a clean and liveable condition. However, when I returned from work, our family home was probably cleaner than it was before, especially as the floor looked brand new.”

Michael Stevens, Westminster   

“When I decided to sell my home, there seemed to be no problems at all. This situation changed when I started to replace the carpet in my dining room. I wanted to create a showroom which would impress any person who was interested in buying my home. However, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw what lay beneath my dishevelled carpet. There were unsightly stains around my floor which looked disgusting, not the sort of thing that a prospective buyer would want to see! So, I decided to contact your team to find out if anything could be done, and I couldn't have asked for a more professional or friendly service. When you did a survey for me, I was told exactly what needed to be done and the price I was quoted was the price I paid – no nasty surprises hiding at the bottom of the final bill!  Thankfully, work proceeded from there and, as I write this, I’m very impressed at my superb looking floorboards, which must have increased the value of my home by thousands.”

Jack Moore, Bexley

“I just want to give you and your team a quick shout out because, a few weeks on, my floor is still looking as good as new! My kids like to play games on the floor but this was a bit difficult after we took up our carpet and the floorboards were in a shoddy condition. I couldn’t wax the floor myself because we have an open plan house where our floors are several metres long. That’s when I decided to contact you. Your team came into my home on the day which we had arranged and did the work for us hassle-free. I was a bit worried because I thought there would be a major disruption to our home life, which isn’t easy when you have young children. However, as the work is now finished, my kids can’t stop playing on the floor because it is bright and shiny, and even a 'Ribena incident' the other day with some blackcurrant juice was easily wiped up with no lasting consequences. The kids thought that was great (as did my wife) and everyone in the house loves the new floors! Thanks again.”

Peter King, Fulham

''Could you please pass onto Jake and his team my sincere thanks for the outstanding work which he completed on our stairs? After we had decided to renovate the whole of our home, my husband, who's a big DIY fan, thought that he could easily sand down the stairs himself. Big mistake! That’s where you came to our assistance. Before work was carried out, the stairs were a shade of grey which didn’t look good at all. When Jake turned up, he immediately started sanding down the stairs so that they looked as good as new. After he had finished, Jake provided my husband with tips about how to maintain the quality of our stairs so we don’t have to repair them again for a very long time. This is advice which we won’t forget in a hurry.”

Martha and Peter Gallagher, Brent 

“Situated in an upmarket area of London, I had to make sure that the property that I had recently bought was livable, especially as I will soon be letting it out. However, when I took up the carpet to install laminate flooring, the floorboards underneath were severely damaged, a problem that my surveyor had failed to point out to me initially! That’s when I decided to contact you. I’ve used your services before and was very happy with the work that you did for me. Andrew and his team lived up to all expectations - when the floorboards in this property were completely renovated and restored, it looked like an entirely different property! My new tenants told me that it was the beautiful wood flooring that really attracted them to the property - brilliant work once again!”

Amy Sheath, Camden

We cover the following areas and postcodes in London:

West London


Postcodes Covered : W3, W2, W4, W5, W13, SW16, UB6, W5, W6, W5, W7, TW7, NW10, NW6, W8, W10, W9, W1, W11, W2, UB6, W12, UB8, SW10, W13, W1, W14,• Acton, W3 • Bayswater, Paddington, W2 • Chiswick, W4 • Ealing, W5, W13 • Fulham, SW16 • Greenford, UB6 • Hammersmith, W5, W6 • Hanger Lane, W5 • Hanwell, W7 • Holland Park • Isleworth, TW7 • Kensal Green, NW10, NW6 • Kensington, W8 • Ladbroke Grove, W10 • Maida Vale, W9 • Marylebone • Mayfair, W1 • North Kensington • Notting Hill, W11 • Osterley • Paddington, W2 • Perivale, UB6 • Queens Park • Shepherds Bush, W12 • Strand • Uxbridge, UB8 • Warwick Avenue • West Brompton, SW10 • West Ealing, W13 • West End, W1 • West Kensington, W14 • West London.

Central London


Postcodes Covered : W1, WC1, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, WC2, WC1, WC2, W1, SE3, WC1, WC2,
• Barbican • Belgravia, SW1 • Bloomsbury, WC1 • Central London, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4 • Clerkenwell • Covent Garden, WC2 • Grays Inn • Holborn, WC1, WC2 • Monument • Moorgate • Shoreditch • Soho, W1 • St Marys Cray • St Pauls Cray • St. Pauls • Tower Hill, SE3 • Westminster, WC1, WC2

North London


Postcodes Covered : N22, N19, N1, EC1, N8, N2, N9, N18, EN1, EN2, EN3, N3, EC1, N4, N11, N5, N6, N7, N8, N1, N9, N7, N10, N12, NW12, N13, HA5, N15, N14, N16, N17, TW1, TW2, N18, N19, N20, N21, N22, • Alexandra Palace, N22 • Archway, N19 • Barnet • Canonbury, N1 • Cockfosters, EC1 • Crouch End, N8 • East Barnet • East Finchley, N2 • Edmonton, N9, N18 • Enfield, EN1, EN2, EN3 • Epping Forest • Finchley Central, N3 • Finsbury, EC1 • Finsbury Park, N4 • Fortis Green • Friern Barnet, N11 • Highbury, N5 • Highgate, N6 • Holloway, N7 • Hornsey, N8 • Islington, N1 • Lower Edmonton, N9 • Lower Holloway, N7 • Manor House • Muswell Hill, N10 • New Barnet • New Southgate • North Finchley, N12, NW12 • North London • Palmers Green, N13 • Pinner, HA5 • Seven Sisters • South Tottenham, N15 • Southgate, N14 • Stoke Newington, N16 • Tottenham, N17 • Totteridge • Tufnell Park, TW1, TW2 • Upper Edmonton, N18 • Upper Holloway, N19 • Whetstone, N20 • Winchmore Hill, N21 • Wood Green, N22 • Woodside Park.

Southeast London


Postcodes Covered : SE20, SE3, SE4, SE5, SE6, SE7, CR0, SE19, SE8, SE21, SE22, SE9, SE23, SE10, SE24, SE11, SE1, SE12, SE13, SE14,
SE15, SE16, DA14, SE25, SE1, SE26, SE2, SE28, SE17, SE27, SE18,
• Abbey Wood • Addington • Anerley / Penge, SE20 • Beckenham • Blackheath, SE3 • Borough • Brockley, SE4 • Camberwell, SE5 • Catford, SE6 • Charlton, SE7 • Chislehurst • Crofton Park • Cross • Croydon, CR0 • Crystal Palace, SE19 • Deptford, SE8 • Dulwich, SE21 • East Croydon • East Dulwich, SE22 • Elephant & Castle • Eltham, SE9 • Eltham Park • Forest Hill, SE23 • Greenwich, SE10 • Grove Park • Herne Hill, SE24 • Hither Green • Honor Oak Park • Kennington, SE11 • Lambeth, SE1 • Lee, SE12 • Lewisham, SE13 • New Cross, SE14 • North Woolwich • Peckham, SE15 • Plumstead • Rotherhithe, SE16 • Shirley • Sidcup, DA14 • South Bermonsey • South Croydon • South Norwood, SE25 • Southeast London • Southwark, SE1 • Southwark • Sydenham, SE26 • Thamesmead, SE2, SE28 • Upper Norwood • Walworth, SE17 • Waterloo • West Norwood, SE27 • Woolwich, SE18

East London


Postcodes Covered : EC3, IG11, BR3, SE20, E2, E3, BR1, E16, IG7, E4, E5, RM9, RM10, E6, E7, E8, E9, E14, E10, E11, E12, E13, E14, RM1,
E18, E1, E15, E16, E17, E1, E18,

• Aldgate, EC3 • Barking, IG11 • Becontree, BR3, SE20 • Bethnal Green, E2 • Bexley • Bow, E3 • Bromley, BR1 • Bromley-by-Bow • Canning Town, E16 • Chigwell, IG7 • Chingford, E4 • Clapton, E5 • Dagenham, RM9, RM10 • Dalston • East End • East Ham, E6 • East London • Forest Gate, E7 • Grange Hill • Hackney, E8 • Highams Park • Homerton, E9 • Isle Of Dogs / Docklands / Poplar, E14 • Leyton, E10 • Leytonstone, E11 • Manor Park, E12 • Plaistow, E13 • Poplar, E14 • Redbridge • Romford, RM1 • South Woodford, E18 • Stamford Hill • Stepney, E1 • Stratford, E15 • Upper Wandsworth • Upton Park • Victoria Docks, E16 • Walthamstow, E17 • West Ham • Whitechapel, E1 • Woodford, E18

Northwest London


Postcodes Covered : NW2, NW1, NW9, NW2, NW2, NW11, NW3, NW3, HA1, HA3, HA1, NW4, NW5, NW6, NW9, NW7, NW2, NW6, NW8, 
NW3, HA0, NW10,
• Brent Cross, NW2 • Camden Town, Regent's Park, NW1 • Colindale, Kinsbury, NW9 • Cricklewood, NW2 • Cricklewood, Neasden, NW2 • Golders Green, NW11 • Greenhill • Hampstead, NW3 • Hampstead Heath, NW3 • Harlesden • Harrow, HA1, HA3 • Harrow on the Hill, HA1 • Havering • Hendon, NW4 • Kentish Town, NW5 • Kilburn, NW6 • Kingsbury, NW9 • Mill Hill, NW7 • Neasden, NW2 • Northolt • Northwest London • Queens Park, NW6 • Regents Park • St Johns Wood, NW8 • Sudbury • Swiss Cottage, NW3 • Temple Fortune • Wembley, HA0 • West Hampstead • Willesden, NW10.

Southwest London


Postcodes Covered : SW12, SW13, SW11, TW8, SW2, SW3, KT9, SW4, SW5, SW18, SW14, KT10, TW3, TW9, KT1, KT2, SW1, SW8, SW19, SM4, SW14, SW8, SW16, SW6, SW1, SW15, TW9, TW10, SW15, SW7, SW20, SW9, SW16, SW16, SW17, SW18, SW19, SW10,
• Balham, SW12 • Barnes, SW13 • Battersea, Clapham Junction, SW11 • Beddington • Brentford, TW8 • Brixton, SW2 • Brompton • Chelsea, Brompton, SW3 • Chessington, KT9 • Clapham, SW4 • Clapham Junction • Earl's Court, SW5 • Earlsfield, SW18 • East Sheen, SW14 • East Sheen • Epsom • Esher, KT10 • Hook • Hounslow, TW3 • Kew, TW9 • Kingston, KT1, KT2 • Knightsbridge, SW1, SW8 • Merton, SW19 • Mitcham • Morden, SM4 • Mortlake, SW14 • Nine Elms, SW8 • Norbury, SW16 • Parsons Green, SW6 • Parsons Green • Pimlico, SW1 • Putney, SW15 • Raynes Park • Richmond, TW9, TW10 • Roehampton, SW15 • South Kensington, SW7 • South Lambeth • South Wimbledon, Raynes Park, SW20 • Southfields • Southwest London • Stockwell, Brixton, SW9 • Streatham, SW16 • Streatham Hill, SW16 • Surrey • Teddington • Tooting, SW17 • Twickenham • Wandsworth, SW18 • Weston Green • Wimbledon, SW19 • Woodmansterne • Worcester Park • Worlds End, SW10.

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